Happy Birthday to Me


No, I did NOT have cake.

Today is my birthday and, instead of doing as I would normally do–that is drink far too much champagne, consume lots of cheese and bread and essentially splurge all day long–I’ve tried to stay within my 900-calorie limit. I probably went over it a tad bit, but the rest of the week is back to the usual meal plan.

You see, it’s Day 8 of my Pre-Op Liquid Diet, but I was granted a cheat day for my birthday. As much as I wanted to eat a slice of Budapest cake, I didn’t. My husband asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I just couldn’t have yet another boiled egg or a powder smoothie, so I asked for half of a waffle, a small piece of sausage and a fried egg. I washed it down with coffee and oat milk. That kept me full until well past 2PM. I probably should have had a shake or a smoothie, but I wasn’t hungry. I had some tea instead.

Later, I walked to my local café and had a cup of coffee and read a few chapters of Halsey Street by Naima Coster. If you are a bookworm like me, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you add this novel to your TBR list. It’s a fantastic story of family, loss and gentrification set in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn. While I was reading, I was reminded of observing the good and bad of gentrification in my own old neighbourhood in Philadelphia, but that’s another discussion for another day. When I came home, my husband and I toasted to my day with one glass of sparkling wine.

So now the day is slowly creeping towards dinnertime and for the first time since this morning I am beginning to feel hungry. I initially thought I wanted soup for dinner. I’d picked out a great recipe from Pinch of Yum for spicy peanut soup with sweet potato and kale, but then I found another recipe that sounded more like what I was in the mood for: spicy chicken sweet potato magic bowl, so that is what my gorgeous husband is making for me.

There will be no cake today. I’ll content myself with a cup of coffee. I have to keep reminding myself that I am making good progress. Got to keep my eyes on the prize: January 23 – surgery day.

If you’ve already undergone a sleeve, how do you usually celebrate your birthday?


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