Checking in: Surgical staples are gone–hallelujah!

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My incisions were stapled. In Swedish these are called agraffer, but they’re called surgical staples in English. (Photo: J. Hörnsten/

As of Friday, the surgical staples are gone from all five incisions and I am so happy about it. The last week or so that they were in, they were beginning to drive me crazy. Since my incisions were healing, they’d begun to itch and the staples felt like they were pulling at my skin.

I had to focus on not scratching because a) it hurt and b) it didn’t stop the itching. The only thing I could do was keep the skin around the staples clean, dry and moisturised as best I could. Sometimes that stopped the itching, but only temporarily. In the end, I had to take my prescription-strength Alvedon to alleviate the itching.

Having these staple-like sutures made it difficult to sleep on my sides or my stomach, as I usually do. I could only sleep comfortably on my back. I also had to have a support pillow nearby to keep me from rolling over too much on my side.

It was wonderful to have the sutures removed on Friday. It pinched a bit, but nothing I couldn’t deal with…until the last one, which was crooked and just did NOT want to come out and it hurt like hell. They had to give me two needles of a painkiller to remove that one. Oi vey…but at least it’s gone now.

Other great news is that now I can eat solid food. It feels so nice to actually chew on food and not just sip or slurp it down. Last night we tried a great recipe from Pinch of Yum, Sheet Pan Garlic Ginger Chicken with Broccoli. We ate it with some mixed grains from Zeta, and it was delicious.

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4 thoughts on “Checking in: Surgical staples are gone–hallelujah!

  1. Nikki Oji says:

    Bless you! Sounds like you’ve had quite a journey. Well done for sharing it and coping so beautifully! Best of luck with the road ahead – rooting for you sweetheart 🙌🏼❤️😘 Thanks too for the yummy recipe link!
    Nikki x


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